The Law Offices

The Law Offices located in North Miami Beach, Florida, offers a wide range of legal services with a focus on estate and tax planning, trusts, probate administration, family partnerships, corporation law and asset protection.

westkin associates, previously partner in charge of the Miami Tax Department of a 200+ Lawyer National Firm, established the firm on January 1, 1996. , with over 21 years of experience and practice, became a shareholder of the firm in 2000. Henry and their associates and Co-Counsel provide a team approach toward tax and estate planning.

The selection of an attorney to plan one’s life and personal estate or business venture is a decision that will have lasting benefits or consequences. We are to provide the individual attention and insight needed to be certain that the client’s options are explored and their goals met while minimizing taxes and maximizing economic security. Our attorneys offer their services to plan for today and the future by tailoring a plan according to each client’s unique family situation.